I've known my friend, Andrea Dolan Potter since before high-school. These days, she works over at The Progressive and lives in Wisconsin. We somehow still manage to get together on occasion despite moving in vastly different circles.

I owe Andrea Dolan Potter an apology.

It was 1968. It was summer. I was four, soon to be five, and Casey Clark was my best friend in the entire world. We played with our GI Joes and were going to be astronauts. That year, a fire swept through the hillside west of our home in Lemon Grove. It was enough to convince us that we didn’t want to be firemen like the other four-year-olds did. That year an earthquake, common enough in California, split the house across the street right in two.

Yes, I did say that if it became important, I would introduce Steve.

It's important, because I also said that in my series on "Why <person> is the Best Person Ever" I would discuss both famous and non-famous people.

So, unless you're one of our mutual friends, you probably have no idea who he is.

Not every friend is someone able to move heaven and earth for you, but it's important to recognize more subtle contributions.

Also, I did three stories about "Best Person Ever" and only mentioned men. Shame on me.

So here is Gretchen Miller, whom I mostly know as a professional colleague, and for much of the past two years, a shared traveller in that realm known as "long-term unemployment."