Armageddon in a Flash
by Brian McNett

Oh dear... Here I am again.

I'm the narrator. So this is a Dr. Armageddon story. But those things are... you know... LONG. You can't tell a Dr. Armageddon story in less than 1000 words, can you? Just the necessary description of the beady-eyed, hawk-nosed, droopy-eared, meter-high, well-dressed, green-skinned, top-hatted fellow is going to kill at least the first seventy words! Words are going to die. But... I'm made of words!

Geniwick: Lord of Thieves

Gnomes have no religion of their own to speak of. Although there was a time when, at the behest of one of the great Aspects, a minor demigod came to live among them. Thus the gnomes came to tell “trickster tales” regarding the strange being who haunted the periphery of their world.

Geniwick is an unlikely demigod.  A gnome-like creature with the features of a small fox, he is dexterous and quick-witted. While not by nature a liar, Geniwick's accounts of his past and adventures should never be taken at face value. While he tells the truth, he seldom tells the whole truth.  What Geniwick omits from a story is typically any information which might prove his demi-godhood.

I find that setting goals for myself is hard, and sticking to them even harder. My tendency then, is to keep my goals modest. Thus, with my writing my goal isn't to write the Great American Novel, or to even write a decent short story and submit it for publication.

My goal is to write five hundred words.

Yes, I'm an unabashed fan. I'm not apologizing for it. Ever.

Since around the time I was old enough to be aware of such things, I was a fan of Star Trek. Unfortunately, that was the year NBC cancelled it, so I mostly recall watching it as reruns.

In the 1970s, a group of Seattle-area fans got together and founded the Puget Sound Star Trekkers (PSST), under the leadership of Kitty Cantebury who passed away in 2012. PSST ran a Star Trek convention, which grew out of control, lost money left and right and put Kitty into bankruptcy. After the second PSSTCon, a third was held, ostensibly to pay off Kitty's personal debt.

George Takei was the guest of honor that year. It was a single-day convention. He was a real sport, and I believe it was Kitty who presented him with the "Captain Sulu" t-shirt. This was many years before the character showed up in Star Trek 6 as captain of his own ship. I never asked what George's fee was, I wasn't involved in running the convention. He may have come free of charge, as Heinlein had the year before.

But of course, that's not why George Takei is the best person ever.