Here I am, doing an entire website for the first time in nearly a decade. My how things have changed.

My new server is "in the cloud" -- both everywhere and nowhere. Running on virtualized instances of code across a network of machines.

This has advantages.

Last night with a simple change to DNS (Thanks Steve! (I'll introduce Steve later if it becomes important)), I placed the entire cloud-based system behind CloudFlare. DNS propagation was startlingly quick. I'm used to waiting a full day, but DNS was fully propagated within a few hours at most. Now ostensibly, the reason for putting the blog behind CloudFlare was to take advantage of a single CloudFlare app supporting the fight against mass surveillance. What it also does is instantly place in my hand a full content delivery network, meaning that when you visit my site, your content is delivered from a server geographically near you.  It add a suite of site-security tools that prevent bots from scraping my content (thus protecting my work from those (other than myself) from profiting from it), or scraping email addresses (thus keeping folks from spamming me or potential contributors), and more. I also get integrated access to web analytics. Believe me, it's freakin' awesome.

I will be blogging here, but this is more than merely a blog. My life is a scattered diaspora of interests, and this is the place where I collect them all together.

I will be blogging about spam and network security, two things I've spent fifteen years of my life dedicated to. I feel it's time that I offered up some of the insights I've gained in a decade and a half of being immersed in the fight to keep email functioning at all under the load. There's a long-term project here, and many stories to tell. Its eventually going to be in book form. This is where the writing happens.

I will be blogging about science fiction, including book reviews, and nostalgic looks back at stories from the past. We're living in the freakin' future now! I hope to demonstrate that. Also, I have friends who are writers, and my reviews may help sell books for them.

I will be blogging about mycology. Mushroom hunting has been a hobby for me since I could walk, and took a more scientific bent in the 1980's when I bought my first copy of David Arora's "Mushrooms Demystified." Specifically, I hope to promote a "citizen scientist" approach to amateur mycology. If you're out in the woods hunting mushrooms, you need to learn to be the eyes and hands of professional mycologists who are few in number, and faced with the largest single group of organisms after insects.

I will be blogging about electronic music, a life-long passion of mine which needs more attention, specifically, I'm *not* going to be blogging about the hot commercial "Electronic Dance Music" (EDM). It's not in keeping with my fuddy old guy musical taste. Instead I'm going to focus onmore eclectic and unusual forms, with an eye to the pioneers of the craft. There's going to be a LOT about my large-format modular, and analog synths. 

I will be blogging about farming and food. I also eat, and in the last two years have managed to be more food-secure through a prolonged period of unemployment, because I know a farmer, and I know that small farms ALWAYS need help, and often can't afford to pay. I'm going to set up a resource to help people find small farms near them, and help small farmers get in touch with new customers.

I'm going to be blogging about what I feel are "21st Century Survival Skills." Basic science and mathematics literacy you've been neglecting which will shortly bite you in the butt. SO GET WITH IT AND MATH! I'm also going to throw a computer game into the mix, and show how even adults can learn math and science through playing with physics simulations. Additionally, I'm going to tie the articles about network security and anti-spam into this, as increasingly, your awareness of these things will impact your survival.

I'm going to be blogging about my life-long battle with chronic depression. This is a very personal thing with me, and many people simply do not fully understand it no matter how much I explain. There is not only a need to raise awareness about this troublingly-common mental health issue, but a need to remove the stigma of it. Specifically, I find my own condition as a sufferer of depression impacting my friendships and family relationships because of this stigmatization.

As I said, however, this is more than a blog.

First, I will be monetizing the hell out of this. There will be a web store, and affiliate links, and possibly even the occasional ad or three. If this disturbs you, fine. Go somewhere else. This may never be my primary source of income, but it will be a source of income.

Second, I will be tying my youtube channel, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my G+ account, my imgur account, my GitHub repository, and every single other site where I have a login or other access to this site. You will find everything that is me here. It's shameless self-promotion, I know. I also have to do it if I'm to survive.

In short, this website is me, doing the business of being me, because I find myself unable to market merely a single fraction of my skillset. In fact, I find myself unable to segregate my interests into market segments. Fuck that shit (Sorry mom. (Yes, I expect that my mother is reading this)).

What you will *not* find here is a comment section. Sorry folks, but my experience has been that it's an endless source of frustration and of no benefit to the maintainer. I will link to posts on Facebook, G+ and Twitter. You may comment there, and comments will appear back here, eventually as I automate it.

This whole site will evolve as I build it, and will, hopefully grow to the point where I can move it off of donated hosting. Yes, the hosting is donated. Everything at the moment is donated or free.

This place is officially work.

I'm not here merely to have fun. Fun will be had, but money must also accrue.