I'd planned to post to the blog about my crowd funding campaign. That post is now unnecessary. In two days, with minimal promotion, I blew through my modest goal, and now have to consider additional "stretch" goals to deal with the fact that I've raised nearly 150% of what I intended.

I knew this is how a successful crowd funding campaign works. Nonetheless, dealing with what I understood conceptually, and the reality thereof are two vastly different things.

The plan was to ease the move-in by taking care of some very modest bits of home repair, and making sure there are curtains in each room, and a rug for the floor. Finally, because it will make my life ever so slightly more pleasant, a portion of the funds were to go to create a raised bed garden. Yes, all those things will now happen, plus I'm staring at an additional $300 or so, which means I can choose one additional project.

There's time to plan this fourth project. The ink on the signatures is barely dry and we're waiting on confirmation from the bank and a closing date. I don't even have a date for the move just yet. But I have the results of the home inspection in hand. There's some minor soil subsidence along the foundation on the east side of the house which could stand a slight berm so that water flows away from the building. The garage needs to be weatherproofed and electrified. There's really no end to small projects around even a well-maintained house.

So the extra money will find use, and I will document all of it.

I'm a little flabbergasted at how quickly this took place, however.