Yes, I did say that if it became important, I would introduce Steve.

It's important, because I also said that in my series on "Why <person> is the Best Person Ever" I would discuss both famous and non-famous people.

So, unless you're one of our mutual friends, you probably have no idea who he is.

I know Steve almost exclusively through over a decade of interacting with him online. We've never met in person. We've spoken on the phone, texted over SMS, exchanged emails... This, you would think is one of those fleeting, high-tech relationships that for some reason doesn't really count because of the vast distances, and the fact that it's conducted with me sitting at my computer, and he his.

But in times past, people engaged in correspondence, and wrote letters to each other in distant places and conducted their mutual friendships this way, and no one ever questioned that those friendships were any less real. Is it any less real that the pen and inkwell has been replaced by computers and cell phones and Skype?

Steve Sobol is my friend. But who the hell is he?

I know that Steve Sobol lives in the Southern California desert, and that he's active in his synagogue. He's originally from Ohio, and still has many friends and family there. He's a devoted father who loves his daughters. He's not perfect, and I won't attempt to elevate him to that status, nor are any of these things the reason Steve Sobol is the best person ever.

Yehuda Berg says "Everyone should have at least one person in their lives for whom they would be willing to go to the ends of the earth. This kind of unconditional love is the definition of true friendship. If you have one true friend in your life, consider yourself lucky. If you are a true friend to one person, consider yourself even luckier."

When Steve Sobol set out to develop mobile software, he needed a Mac. I had a spare. Rather than sell it to him, I just shipped it off to him, because I am his friend. He paid for the shipping alone.

...and when I decided that I needed to set up this website, and having no money, couldn't pay for hosting, or domain registration. Steve agreed to host it for me, because he is my friend.

That is why Steve Sobol is the best person ever. Because I know that in him I have a friend who will step up to the bat for me, and he knows that in me, he too has a friend who would do the same.

Can anyone ever ask for more than that?