My name is Brian McNett. Once upon a time, I was the top hit for "Brian McNett" on Google. All the other "Brian McNetts" wondered who this mycologist guy was that he was more "internet famous" than them. But this was merely because I was an early-adopter. Nowadays, I'm six hits down from the top after actually-more-famous "Brian McNetts." So, for the record, these are the Brian McNetts who are not me:

Brian McNett: Comedian and Screenwriter (NOT ME)

The Comic and Screenwriter Brian McNett

Brian McNett: Game Designer (Also NOT ME)

The Game Designer Brian McNett

There are in fact many others. Although the name "Brian McNett is not as common as say, "John Smith," there are just enough of us who are just famous enough that you MAY become confused.

So, let me tell you about myself...

I'm 55 as of the end of 2018, born in Allaquippa, Pennsylvania, where my family lived until I was three. My dad was in the Navy, and in 1967 we moved to San Diego, CA. In 1969 we moved to Bremerton, WA, where we settled after my dad retired from the Navy. High school, college, yadda yadda. Boring boring you don't really want to know, etc.

I worked in a national park for three summers, did a six-year stint at a local newspaper, started my own mushroom blog in the early days of the web... I've been around a bit.

As to the mycology, my paternal grandfather was an old Michigan morel hunter. We'd go visit him on family vacations, and he'd take us mushroom hunting. It was just a thing we did. I didn't think much of it. We always had mushroom field guides around, so I learned to identify mushrooms. You can go a long way in mycology as an amateur, and I suppose I did.

In most things, I'm self-taught. None of my school teachers could ever keep up. I'm a prodigeous reader, and always have been. I do have my weaknesses. My math isn't that strong (until you get to the really abstract stuff (Honestly, the more advanced the math, the better I am at it, but addition, subtraction, multiplication, division... Bleh. This is why I'll never be a mathematician).

In the 1990s I taught myself how to do forensics on spam, and built a minor reputation before getting hired on at an early internet startup. This led to a successful career, (Yay) and a chronic sleep disorder (Boo). But, as I've discovered, I can write. Boy-howdy, that journalism experience comes in handy! And the bonus is that no one cares if you're on the verge of passing out all day long and fall asleep every fourth paragraph as long as you meet the publication deadline.

So after decades away from writing I sold my first story for the grand sum of $2.40US. Here it is:

Never. Never Go with Robot Bees.

Not too long after this, or around the same time, I encountered Jennifer Lee Rossman on Twitter and we decided to team up on an anthology. It's been a fun ride. I sold another story, meanwhile, which is due out in July 2019. I have stories in the pipeline now and am writing like a madman. I still have time for mycology.

Did I mention I'm also a musician. Now I did. Good.